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Happy Client

“Janet helped our family sell a rental property which had been lived in for +17 years and was in very poor condition due to the tenants. Even in its poor state and with the tenants still occupying the property during the sale, she was able to get a fair price on the house “as is” which we were very happy about. To help us avoid paying taxes on sale of our rental property, she also arranged a 1031 Exchange to help pay for a new property.

Due to the short time frame from sale of the old property to purchase of the new property, Janet was able to help us narrow down the choices of houses which had the exact specifications we were looking for which were also within our price range. During the process, we really appreciated the fact that she was very honest (but not pushy or aggressive) in her opinions about each property we visited. Also, since some of the homes we visited were still occupied, she was very respectful to the homeowners and their space.

Once we had narrowed down our choices, she also arranged the home inspection and repairs with the seller before the purchase was finalized. In short, Janet did all the heavy lifting of managing the schedule, paperwork, and management of 3rd parties (escrow companies, inspectors, etc.) which allowed us to focus on finding the right home for us as well as reducing potential stress had we done it ourselves.

In the end, both transactions were completed successfully without any major problems or delays and we are very happy with the results. We wouldn’t have been able to handle such a large endeavor on our own and we were very lucky to be able to do business with Janet. In short, Janet was kind, courteous, respectful, fair, and more than accommodating with our rapidly changing schedule. We highly recommend them and would definitely consider using their services in the future.

Thank you again Janet Yang and Harmon Homes!”