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“We worked with Janet Yang from Larry Harmon Real Estate. We don’t know Janet Yang personally, she was just recommended by Chase Bank. She did a good job in selling our place. She’s very knowledgeable and confident with her work. Before we put our condo in the market, she was confident that it will be sold in a short time. Two days after our place was advertised, 2 people made an offer. My husband and I were satisfied with the offer but Janet said we have to wait for a better offer. She assured us that more people will make offers to our place. She was right! More people made offers! After a short time( 5 weeks), our place was sold! The good thing with Janet, after we had business with her, she still communicate with us. And every time we have questions, she never failed to call us back. Janet Yang, you’re the BEST!!!! Thanks also to Monica her assistant!”